Freedom Behavioral is a place where people can go who were immersed a lifestyle where they were making very bad choices. Some people may ask "can these people really change" ? Yes, they can learn to make better choices and yes this is the process that Freedom Behavioral not only embraces but instills in people. Jeff Iverson is the founder and creator of Freedom Behavioral Health which is a residential treatment Center in Las Vegas. He was a former methamphetamine addict and in recovery he established Freedom Behavioral with the mission of giving back what was given to him, which was a chance to recover from a hopelessly destructive disease of substance abuse.

Freedom behavioral is an extension of Freedom House Sober Living. It is more intense and more focused upon the individual and upon the individual establishing a routine of better choices and understanding their addiction. Since the beginning, Freedom Recovery and Now Freedom Behavioral Health has been on a mission to create an environment for those in recovery to learn and live with a quality of life that they have forgotten or have never even learned. To sustain such an environment the staff and residents are called to live by these four core values.


Nurturing the spirit:

Freedom Behavioral cares for the whole individual including mind body and spirit. For this reason, the program offers activities and classes that develop healthy habits for everyday living.



Bridging the Gap:

Freedom Behavioral provides a safe and supportive transition from treatment facilities and/or institutions to a successful reentry into society.... Freedom Behavioral Health is the Intensive residential treatment center that will help a person transition from a detox facility or institution into a safe and successful reentry into society.




Freedom Behavioral Health believes in long-term success and recovery. All Freedom behavioral staff and residents are people in recovery and committed to providing opportunities for social interaction exercise and spiritual growth.



Freedom Behavioral creates space for residents to share their stories at weekly Community dinners and feel celebrated both as an individual and as a member of a community in recovery.